Alright. I’ve been watching, reading, and listening to bike races and bike race commentary for about 25 years and I still probably know about 1/100th of what your average Belgian schloog recounts in his sleep. But it just seemed like it was time to offer some fairly regular thoughts on what I think of what I see in professional cycling today.

This is truly one of the greatest sports in the world. It’s fun because the average person can understand what it’s like to ride a bike even if they don’t always understand the pressure and danger of racing. It’s fun because there are so many races within a race. It’s fun because you can stand right next to your favorite athletes during the competition and cheer them on. It’s fun because it’s colorful in both it’s costumes and its environs. A great way to learn geography! Even in it’s worst moments, it’s fun because of the drama and the soap opera qualities of its personalities. And it’s fun because it’s about human suffering and the rewards and punishment that suffering elicits.

I’m not here to offer you inside knowledge from years of cycling experience. I’m just offering my opinions on what I see, what I hear, and what I read. They’re the opinions of someone who loves the sport in all its best (and even its worst) moments. Hope you find something here you like.


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