You’re Not the Next Anyone

For as long as there has been professional cycling we (as cycling fans) have been imbibing the intoxicating notion that certain up and coming cyclists may be the “next somebody.” Directors, managers, fellow cyclists, commentators, and pundits are always peddling certain members of the younger generation to be “as talented as (name your champion).” Why not? It’s easy to project hints of greatness into neverending glory when predictions can be so easily forgotten. It’s fun to seek out the new Eddy Merckx or Bernard Hinault. But very often the riders we saddle with these unrealistic expectations fail under the heavy weight of reality. Being an “expert” in sports predictions is like being a weatherman, noone is going to hold you accountable for being wrong tomorrow. Or if they do, it will be quickly forgotten. Don’t worry, you’re getting paid for trying, not for being right.

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The Fine Art of Schleckification

Ignorance is bliss. I just finished reading the article “To be Frank with Andy” in the February 2012 issue of Cycle Sport magazine. I don’t know what universe the Schleck brothers reside in but clearly it runs perpendicular to the one I see every year in the Tour de France. Bear with me fine readers as I’m going to make a quick dissection of this article because I just find it absurdly fascinating that these two brothers continue to live inside a cycling bubble.

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